We forgot Richard Preston's The Hot Zone.

After 2017, politicians proposed cutting funding to health professionals specializing in combating global viruses. 

The U.S. federal government disregarded pandemics as a national security threat.

China neglected to outlaw exotic meat markets, which was the origins to this virus, as well as other viruses that have threaten to spread into pandemics.

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I'm sorry.  You don't have the Coronavirus, so you need to pay up because you have the flu.

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Find your ideal spring break destination & ideal celebrity companion!


A Lifetime of Plastic Poverty

It’s a myth that you can end pollution by eradicating glutenous greed and/or outlandish laziness.  “You need to end poverty...”

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This is why You Shouldn't Say the N-Word

Of all the tactics used to dominant us, the first tactic was to strip us of our names and label us.

Call us something that took away our humanity.

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"They reduced the power of our vote, and the Court dismisses as political nonsense."

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Who is your Ideal Celebrity Valentine's Date?

Selina: “Why not split our neighborhoods? They already split our families in half - first with slavery, now with ‘welfare.’”

...Demand for a "fertility pill" is so popular, that fertility contests are popping up in various places...

Americans' Investment Strategy - The Lottery

...Early research's initial conclusions have found three main factors to explain the increase in money spent on lottery tickets...

Nobody Drives Anymore.  Too Much Traffic.


...Shared Ride services, like Uber and Lyft, have made it a mission to replace car buying with car riding- using their services...

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