"They reduced the power of our vote, and the Court dismisses as political nonsense."

titleshout_still jim crowing_mdah.ms.gov

Who is your Ideal Celebrity Valentine's Date?

Selina: “Why not split our neighborhoods? They already split our families in half - first with slavery, now with ‘welfare.’”

...Demand for a "fertility pill" is so popular, that fertility contests are popping up in various places...

Americans' Investment Strategy - The Lottery

...Early research's initial conclusions have found three main factors to explain the increase in money spent on lottery tickets...

Nobody Drives Anymore.  Too Much Traffic.


...Shared Ride services, like Uber and Lyft, have made it a mission to replace car buying with car riding- using their services...

Statistically Speaking: The American Dream is Dead

...There are 2 causes.  The 1st is easy - GREED.  The 2nd cause is outsourcing employment overseas, so yeah - GREED....

 A Charity Case Against the Rich


Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World

Wrtten by Anand Giraharadas

...Through their own charities or by giving huge donations to righteous causes, the rich cover the sinful ways they have become rich at the expense of us...

Russia's Misplayed Hand

...While Russia has initially threatened the fabric of democratic societies, its attacks are ultimately doing the opposite...

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