'Assassin Creed' Meets 'Ready, Player One'

The Enigma Gamers: A Cats Tale (7 book series)

As is already happening, the cyber world is merging with reality.  While the film "Ready Player One," brought nostalgia for the past with a similar narrative about the relationship between reality and cyber space,  The Enigma Gamers elevates this story telling genre to a whole another level.What is an extra bonus about this book is it's ability to take the reader on a journey...

 You Must Always Say 'Yes' to "Don't Think Twice" 


Don't Think Twice

Written & Directed by Mike Birbiglia

Don't Think Twice, a movie about improv comics, shows the real world of comedy isn't always funny.  This is a film you will not  forget.  It demonstrates the key ingredients to great film flow, the roller coaster mentality, as it takes you from laughing to crying within minutes.  Like any great team in sports, a comedy troupe isn't any different...

 A Movie That Doesn't Wash Away with the Tide


Sand Castle

Directed by Fernando Coimbra

Sand Castle grabs viewers of all kinds because the story, though about war, relates to frustrations we all endure.  Anyone who saw and remembers Platoon, will see similarities coming through the screen...

 What Happens When Women Go To War?



by  G.C. Julien

Edited by Nikki Busch

Insightful.  It's not possible NOT to connect what is happening in today's world and think you are previewing what will happen if nothing changes.  This is a sad story about a dystopia future where genders are at war against each other. The reader can't help but this book as a warning ...

The Results Are In!

Star Wars    vs.  Stark Trek


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