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Entertaining a Revolution

 Title Shout generates awareness to the art and artists that are transforming the world.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines entertainment as a form of activity design specifically for the purpose of keeping an audience's attention.  No wonder art and entertainment have proven to be powerful tools that can ignite major changes in societies and throughout the world. 


This knowledge is not revolutionary, of course. The CIA has partnered with Hollywood and television producers countless times to steer public sentiment to its goals, whether in the U.S. or abroad. 


A study by a Dayton professor in 2015, proved how the power of entertainment changed people' political opinions.  Movies that portrayed strong individuals in the U.S. military for example, made people think more highly of the U.S. after watching. 

It's also not political or social views that art impacts people.  Tiny cultural changes can occur from art, even when it's part of the background.  If you remember the HBO show "Sex in the City," then you remember a growing number of women drinking cosmopolitans.  Even more impactful was the release of the movie Bambi, which resulted in a decrease of hunting by 50% that year. 

This leads to Title Shout's mission. We are here to celebrate the art and the artists that work to better this place and time.

To experience the changes that are coming is to experience the arts and entertainment of today.  And to produce change is to produce art.

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