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Some time go, the Reuters news article headline read, "Federal Judge Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional."  Cable news covered the story the same way, repeating this headline.  Was it accurate? Yes. But what they neglected to tell people or plainly buried in their reporting was the 'why."  If a reader/viewer didn't research the story beyond the headline and quick coverage, a person would believe Obama passed an unconstitutional law. While the Reuter's headline is true, it should had added "because Trump's Administration revoke the pay mandate (tax).   Without the "because" the headline is misleading.

Knowing the power of headlines and the busy schedules of people, Titleshout bridges these two contradicting issues to provide real stories that list out all relevant facts and not mislead the public.

To know all the relevant facts, people shouldn't have to digest news as if they're conducting research for a term paper in college.

This is why Titleshout covers stories that matter in a way that's consumable to busy people. 


Headlines that tell the truth supported by reporting that gets to the gist of what matters. 


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