You Must Always Say 'Yes' to "Don't Think Twice"

Don't Think Twice

Written & Directed by Mike Birbiglia

Don't Think Twice, a movie about improv comics, shows the real world of comedy isn't always funny.  This is a film you will not  forget.  It demonstrates the key ingredients to great film flow, the roller coaster mentality, as it takes you from laughing to crying within minutes.  Like any great team in sports, a comedy troupe isn't any different.  Birbiglia does a great job diving into the common schema that occurs when artists attempt to be great team players while pursing their own dreams as well.

One particular theme is the anti glorification of working improv.  For most of us, we think doing comedy and improv is exciting, fun, a natural high even.  However, Birbiglia does an amazing job showing how improv is an un-glamorous a profession. 


In many ways the film draws on a bigger contradictory theme.  While it's echoed repeatedly, "don't think," the truth to finding success is the opposite, as the characters meticulously plot their career path in order to achieved success. 

The ultimate and necessary icing on this movie cake is that it makes you laugh.  The improv is good.  The comedy is good.  The movie is good.

What's it about?

When a member of a popular New York City improv troupe gets a huge break, the rest of the group - all best friends - start to realize that not everyone is going to make it after all.

Why You Should Watch this film?

...because this film will give you more appreciation for actors and comedians as you begin to understand that being funny isn't a fun business.


...because it's a comedy that isn't dumb or slapstick.  It gives you the best mixed of emotions happiness as you belly laugh and empathy when you find yourself connected to the characters.

...because you're watching improv within a film about improv.  It's like you're unraveling a Russian doll only to end up finding what you are looking for.  

What Others are Saying!!


"'s hilarious.  It's real.  It's different.  It's worth watching..."

"...Just being a person in every day life we deal with people who rise higher than us. This is a film that show us we all have our strengths and our weaknesses, and it's okay to embrace who we are; even if we're not all destined for greatness..." -Derek Austin Sebaty