What  Happens When Women Go to War?


by  G.C. Julien

Edited by Nikki Busch


Insightful.  It's not possible NOT to connect what is happening in today's world and think you are previewing what will happen if nothing changes.  This is a sad story about a dystopia future where genders are at war against each other. The reader can't help but this book as a warning to the consequences of our own behaviors.

Eden by G.C. Julien and Ash S-J revamps the end of world genre in the best way.  Instead of reading about characters, which tend to be flat and simple, with a singular motive, this novel dives into complexity of human from a psychological and sociological standpoint.   Naturally, working in the human complexity, puts the reader in the middle of page.  You forced to asked yourself, "What would you do?"

What's it about?


In 2064, America faced the deadliest gender war in history.

Civilization collapsed and millions died.

Now, in a daunting world without electricity or societal laws, revered feminist leader Eve Malum guides surviving women to safety—to a utopian haven known as Eden—where she forbids the male gender from ever entering.

But as Eve struggles to keep her paradise safe, the line between good and evil begins to blur.

Why You Should Read This Book?

...because you won't be able to predict what's coming next while the author forces to take a different and deep dive into society's view of what inequality really means.



What Others are Saying!!

"...This book forces you to experience every emotion possible. Anger, hate, fury, love, happiness, hope, etc. A very unique and disturbing apocalyptic scenario where men declare war on women! This mess shows what happens when both sides do bad things and sterotypes and prejudice get in the way of reasonable thought..."

"...This books get at the heart of why we need to Quit trying to read people my misconceived labels and truly see people for who they really are- good and bad..."