Mother Nature Doesn't Want Anymore Children

*Less and less couples are able to have babies due to infertility issues, which has caused people and governments to lean on biologists and chemists alike to determine the cause in this decline...and the solution to ensure people can keep having kids.

*Top fertility experts are scrambling to figure out this downward trend.  One of the two leading theories is environmental impact caused by pollution.  The other theory suggests that birth control consumption has prevented women from regaining their natural ability to conceive children.  This second theory has gained momentum, and recognition of its irony. 


*To combat this epidemic, people turned to science, much like they did for birth control.  This has caused a huge competitive spike in the fertility industry as investors and companies develop fertility solutions for couples wanting to have babies.  This demand for a "fertility pill" is so popular, that fertility contests are popping up in various places, like radio shows, where the winning couple wins free fertility consultations. 


*For generations, people have used a variety of means to prevent pregnancies.  Then, when ready to do so, they are unable to have children.  This is a side effect of the modern industrial and post industrial world, where children have changed from an asset on the farm to a liability in the city.  In Asian nations, like China, overcrowding has been the catalyst for government to dictate measures to reduce child births.

*Both People living in capitalist and communist countries.  In the capitalist nations, people have put off having children for the advancement of their careers.  In communist nations, such as China, government has dictated how many children a couple can bear.

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