Jim Crow Meets the ‘Reincarnated’ Elbridge Gerry

Part 1


by K. Adams


An upscale seafood restaurant, that’s all that unites this voting district. 3 senior black women, 3 Civil Rights Activists, 3 social justice warriors share a meal in a district which use to represent all of them, now it only represents one of the ladies today. 

Eboni: “Did you see what the shape of your districts looks like?”

Selina: “Way back when, they sic them dogs on us. Now they have a dog kicking us right in the ass.”   

Melony: “The drawing is just plain goofy.”

Selina: “No. It is.  It’s Goofy that Disney Dog. He’s kicking Donald Duck in the Ass.”

Eboni: “First, they segregate us from them…”

Selina: “Now they’re segregating us from each other.”

Melony: “It just makes no sense.”

Selina: “it never has…”

Melony: “I can walk to both of your homes in less than five minutes, but I’m being represented by some politician who lives miles away.”


Eboni: “I try not to get nostalgic, but remember how hard we worked to get Terrance elected?  We were united back then. We were represented!”

Melony: “Amen.”

Selina: “They drew a line in the sand…again.”

Eboni: “Correction. They drew a line between us and then buried our votes with that sand.”

Melony: “It’s just awful…painful. We used to fight together. We used to fight for our neighborhood.  Now they have split our streets in halves…”

Selina: “Why not split our neighborhoods? They already split our homes in half with ‘welfare.’”

Eboni: “You know what.  We need to remember we’re still united.  Like they way they drew lines in Africa didn’t divide our cultures that live on, these lines of suppression will not divide us. We need to keep fighting.  If they changed their tactics, then we can change our tactics too.”


Selina: “Speak the truth.”

Melody: “You know they call it cracking…You know when they separate our voting power by dividing our votes between several districts.”

Selina: “Cracking huh? It figures…a cracker would come up with that.”