People Use to Buy Their Own Cars


*People are starting to weigh if it's 'worth it' to own their own ride.

*For many reasons, people are deciding not to won a car. 


*ENVIRONMENT- People don't want to participate in omitting unnecessary carbon. 


*CITY PLANNING- More municipalities are building pedestrian and mass transit friendly infrastructure. 


*EXPENSIVE - Car themselves cost much, not including taxes, insurance, and maintenance. 


*TRAFFIC - With so much congestion, people determine it's not worth it to own a car, especially with alternative transportation available.


*WORK @ HOME - people are working at home more, which obviously doesn't require a car to commute.

*Right now, urban dwellers are the ones deciding not to buy due to readily available transportation alternatives, as well as a need to something about the persistent problems related to traffic and expenses.  However, as other ways to commute become more convenient, suburbarns will be the next to refrain from buying an unnecessary ride.

*Shared Ride services, like Uber and Lyft, have made it a mission to replace car buying with car riding- using their services.  This past year, they already started offering weekly rates to tackle commutes between homes and work. By charging under the price in which one would pay own a car, they incentive people to not buy a ride, but pay these shared ride companies to taxi them around instead. 


*In addition to ride shares, the new easier way (via apps with GPS) to rent cars is also encouraging people to forgo possessing a car title. The 2nd How is the emergence of driver less cars, which already is deterring potential car buyers.  Since this new technology is on the horizon, people feel their investment would lose its value rapidly. 


*Driver less trucks have already been put into business.  It's only a matter of years (less than a decade) before these ride share services will employ driver less cars.

*Since owning a car is ingrained in older generations, the millennial are the ones leading the 'no car buy' movement.  Plus, this generation is more accustom to using the apps necessary to utilize counter transportation to owning a car.