A Movie That Doesn't Wash Away with the Tide


Sand Castle

Directed by Fernando Coimbra

Sand Castle grabs viewers of all kinds because the story, though about war, relates to frustrations we all endure.  Anyone who saw and remembers Platoon, we see similarities coming through the screen.  For instance, this movies takes on telling the dual narratives of individuals' story lines as well as the company's struggles as well.  You'll find yourself rooting for the characters because as you'll feel invested in them as in your own life. The title of the movie reflects our own life's pursuits, or anyone's for that matter.  We work to build something great our entire lives, only for it to be simply destroyed by a gust of wind or a high tide.  

What's it about?

Arriving in Iraq in 2003, just after the occupation of Bagdad, a soldier, among a few other soldiers of his infantry platoon, he is sent to provide water to a village whose infrastructure was destroyed. Simple things however, such as water transportation, water distribution and the reconstruction of the plumbing became a challenge in war environment.

Why You Should Watch this film?

...because it's based on a true story, which is always an added bonus.


...because  this movie focuses on the individual's changing motives within himself, something everyone can relate to even if they never experienced combat.

...because if you ever had to do something that you thought would be simple to accomplish but it turned overwhelming difficult, then Sand Castle will drawn you in, making you root for soldiers as if you were there helping them.  

What Others are Saying!!


"...A fun film that makes you think."

"This isn't a typical war movie that loads the screen with random action scene and unnecessary quotes dripping cheesy bravado.  Instead, this story show the odd cultural exchange between Americans and the Iraqis.