Russia's Misplayed Hand


*Russia has been attacking the Western Europe and the U.S.A through a misinformation campaign so much that it's beginning to backfire against themselves.

*After orchestrating election inference across the globe, Russia now is beginning to face similar attacks from the West, in addition to from some Asian nations.  According to high ranking intelligence officials from the U.K. and Israel, Russian "The Russian's government word has lost all validity."


*While they have initially threatened the fabric of democratic societies, their attacks are ultimately doing the opposite.  "We are unifying in ways we never had before against a common enemy...Russia."  In addition, "We have sophisticated intelligence techniques unbeknownst to most already in play throughout Russia, which will surely weaken their position in the world."


*Examples of Russia's misplayed hands are it's failed attempt to disguise it's military attack against the U.S. in Syria, which resulted in several dead Russians, including the humiliation of admitting their involvement.  Another example is Russia's attempt to relieve itself of sanctions through its support of Trump in the U.S.  Unable to calculate the resolve of the U.S. Congress, Russia has yet been able to have the sanctions removed.